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Capture and Write, that's all

Feedback tool for application and software development

Before, it took 10 minutes to review just one page

“Now, it only takes 10 seconds

Key features

Experience the breakthrough and amazing features with effi.

Sync screenshots to effi.co directly

Conveniently sync screenshots to effi web in real time.

You can freely set the auto-sync feature's retention time.

Manually upload selected image to effi web.

Simply click to point out issues

Click on the issue spots.

Pointers are automatically numbered according to request order.

Visual QA reports

Visual QA reports reduce miscommunication and avoid delay.

Interact in real-time with team member using comments. Assign requests to specific developers.

New comments will be notified via e-mail to QA writer and project participants.

Extract device and OS information automatically

Extract precise device and OS information to reduce potential errors.

Share URL

Click on the URL button to share QA lists with your team member.

Convenient Web QA

Just copy and paste the image you need.

Photo Feedback

Not only app QA but also photo feedback.

Snap a photo, upload it on effi for quick feedback.

Replace storyboard with effi

Easily replace storyboard work for update.

For next update, organize things which need to be developed into folders.

Then, you don't need to prepare a proposal for update.

Just hand the organized folders to the developer.

STATUS management

An issue tracker with convenient task status change.

Check progress at a glance.

New | Waiting | Working | Resolved | Closed | Holding | Canceled

Check the Status from the main page

Check project workflow on the main page.

UI/UX Design Management

Developers can directly recognize problems by comparing the requested design to developed app screen.

Deliver UX/UI feedback to fellow designers or team members.

We are trusted

hundreds of ad agencies, designers, Game companies, Developers, QA and brands are using effi to get reviews done.

Our mission is to support you in creating great work. We believe that a truly powerful software is lean, hassle-free and fun.


“effi is the most efficient tool to sync image directly from app to web. Also, its advanced features are way better than any other existing BTS tools. It a powerful solution for BTS integration like Jira which requires detailed report.”


“Game Publishing companies like us will definitely find effi as the most appropriate tool to deal with system bugs and other various issues related to apps. Fantawing would love to be part of effi in the more future”


“Highly recommended for companies that develop and service their own apps. Compared to other text-based PMS tools, image-based effi allows us to dramatically increase our workflow.”


“Effi significantly expedited our projects which ultimately accelerated us to leap forward to success. We highly recommend it to any companies that want to go beyond their limit.”

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Receive visualized feedback and report on your bug tracker or PMS without disrupting your team's workflow.

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